What's Shu1Tong2Wen2 编辑

"Shu1 Tong2 Wen2" is three Chinese characters (書同文) which means to write in same character. This Wikia provides a platform to discuss and come out a single and elegant Chinese translation of foreign concepts, especially for computer science terminology in English. For example, a new concept, say wiki, will be translated into different Chinese words like "維基", "維琪", "維客" etc. This wiki will be a common place to look-up and discuss which translation is better.

  • This wiki is
    • a guide to know how to translate a foreign concept into Chinese
    • a collaborative platform to come out a single and elegent translation
  • This wiki is not
    • a dictionary (No vocabulary explanation here)
    • a bilingual dictionary (We don't tell you which translation is correct or better. You have to judge by yourself)
    • a board to discuss how to enhance translation skill

Since the target audience should know Chinese, almost all content in this wiki is in Chinese.

除了特别提示,社区内容遵循CC-BY-SA 授权许可。